Wills and Estate Planning Services

I offer estate planning solutions to a wide range of clients.

For young families, I craft estate planning solutions which allow parents to secure their children’s financial future, and provide for the guardianship of their minor children in the event of the death of both parents.

For individuals in second relationships or marriages, I offer solutions where one can provide for their their children, their new partner, all while protecting their estate from their former partner, or spouse.

For parties with beneficiaries who have a disability, I offer solutions which will allow the beneficiary to enjoy the estate, without compromising his or her government benefits.

For clients with beneficiaries who have substance abuse problems, or who are financially inept, I offer solutions which will ensure they are taken care of for the rest of their lives, while eliminating the risk of asset depletion.

For those with businesses, or a corporation, I offer solutions which will delay taxation and allow the parent’s business interest to flow through to his or her children.

Feel free to peruse the Will, Power of Attorney and Estate Administration sections of this website to learn more.  Contact me at 613841.9099 ext. 1 to schedule a free, confidential, initial consultation.

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